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Written by Dr Vasilev   
Tuesday, 03 July 2007 14:20

Welcome to   This site was created and  is maintained solely by me, Dr. Vasilev,   a board certified gynecologic oncologist, for the primary  purpose of providing useful  information, services and resources free of charge to my patients as well as to all cancer patients browsing the internet for quality information. This site has ZERO affiliation with any of my clinical practice sites, past or present, and has no corporate sponsors.

 There is also information for those who are being evaluated for possible cancer.  While the primary audience is intended to be those who have or possibly have gynecologic cancer in particular, others may find general articles on cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment and support. There is multimedia  information which covers standard care, alternative and complementary modalities, research and useful links to unaffiliated resources. 

This site  is not supported by any third party sponsors, such that there is no conflict of interest. Throughout designated areas on the site, some information and products may be available for a charge.  These are provided either by an external reputable vendor or some informational reports from me, as specified.   Any externally recommended or linked  products or information is screened for quality and accuracy, but there are no warrantees or guarantees expressly promised or implied other than those specifically mentioned by external parties. 

Finally, there are interactive aspects to this site, which includes a forum for the purpose of information exchange and asking general questions.  Please read the disclaimer below.  It is very important.

I hope you find this site useful.  To your health!

Dr Vasilev 

 **IMPORTANT**: Please remember to discuss everything with your trusted physician(s).  While you will hopefully  find useful  information here,  this site does not create any sort of physician-patient relationship and is not meant to replace that.  The information on this site is screened for accuracy but this does not imply that it is specific advice for your condition or situation. Links to external resources or content from other websites displayed for your convenience do not imply an endorsement of such  information or content.  If you don't have a trusted physican, find one.  Find out how to do that on this website !  

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